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We make selling your collection absolutely simple! Trainz is the premier site for model train enthusiasts. With our decades of experience, we are one of the best-known and most-trusted sources for everything model Searching for model trains and model train accessories?

trainz portal

Get on the right track with Trainz! Look inside to find just about everything the model train hobbyist could hope to find, including resources and information for folks who are new to the wonderful Interested in train sets? Hop on board the train set express at Trainz. We are the 1 source for everything train set related, including hard-to-find vintage sets.

From tracks to die-cast models to the latest and greatest train sets, you'll find the We are one of the largest sellers of Lionel Trains. We offer a full range of Lionel Trains and train sets, in both O and standard gauges. Please check out our huge selection of Lionel items, including hard-to-find and vintage offerings, as Ready to pick up an MTH train?

Check out our enormous selection of K-Line trains! Here at Trainz, we carry both older K-Line pieces as well and the current K-Line product line of locomotives, cars, and accessories Choose from a huge range of Collectibles, including rare and hard-to-find train collectible items.

Plus, visit us at our online auction site to take part in invite-only auction opportunities. Count on Trainz to deliver the best in train collectible items! All aboard the toy train express!English U. Remember me. Lost Password. Please use the Search Box above to search for keywords related to your issue. Using one or two keywords works best. For quick answers to general usability questions, we recommend your visit our friendly Trainz forums, To submit a Support Ticket, click on the Troubleshooter Button, then follow the steps through to the appropriate Category.

Note: Support tickets are generally answered in days. Your patience is appreciated. How do I change water colour? What's new in Trainz Plus? What is Trainz Plus? How do I submit a bug report? When I try to log in the login page appears again. How do I submit a ticket to the helpdesk? How do I contact the Helpdesk? Forgotten log in details.

What is the difference between Standard vs.


Deluxe editions? DLL is missing 0xcb. Where can I purchase Trainz? Where can I find my serial number? I have a digital download copy of the game. I cannot access the Simulator Central Store.

Does Trainz work with Windows 10? Cannot install Trainz Portals come in a variety of forms - some resemble tunnels and others look like a section of normal track. The basic portals supplied with Trainz can be configured to This setting should be left at Maximize compatibility. If you have already saved your consists in Trainz using the Trainz Tool then those consists can be quickly and easily added to the portal consist list. Consume trains then either. After selecting the option Accept trains matching specific criteria a new set of controls will appear.

Accept trains matching specific criteria. Specific Vehicles - normally used to specify just one particular train in the Session. Vehicles Types - normally used to specify a number of different trains in the session e.

There are a number of portals available on the DLS that have additional features or capabilities that are not found in the basic portals built into Trainz. There are also Session Rules available on the DLS that will give additional features or capabilities to the basic portals. This is a Session Rule, by pguythat manages the portals and adds flexible timetables to their operations. It is available on the DLS. This page was created by Trainz user pware in July and was last updated as shown below.

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Trainz Central Portal Control

Contents 1 What is a Portal? Notes: Portals come in a variety of forms - some resemble tunnels and others look like a section of normal track.

The basic portals supplied with Trainz can be configured to:- remove trains that are sent to them or pass through them the portals that look like track can be used to let certain trains pass through while "swallowing" others. The removed trains can be:- removed permanently, or returned to the Session through the same portal or another portal after a set time delay add new trains to the Session.

trainz portal

The new trains:- will have drivers with orders to follow can be randomly selected from available consists. Portals can be "enhanced" by using Session Rules that add additional features and capabilities. The quickest way to find all the train producing and consuming portals in the Surveyor Object Tool window is to set up a search filter. This will sort the portals you want from all the objects named "portal" such as tunnel portals. Settings: This portal is set to:- Produce a train every 15 minutes but the train consist has not yet been specified Consume all trains that are sent to the portal or pass through the portal The consumed trains will not be returned to the Session.

Notes: The difference between the two time setting shown is:- Trainz Minutes refers to the "virtual" minutes as shown on the Session clock in the Heads Up Display in Driver.

Steps: To add consists to be produced by the portal:- Produce new trains set the desired time interval in minutes between the trains click the link Add new consist. Steps: Click:- to manually construct a consist from the Session rolling stock list Add driver to consist to add a driver from the Session list Add an existing saved consist to add a saved consist from those that you have already saved in the Trainz Train Tool.It introduces new graphics shaders and materials and brings new levels of realism and visual "eye candy".

DVD Box versions currently out of stock. This edition delivers the full route from London Kings Cross Station all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland - a mile drive! With significant updates to almost every feature, this route will transport you back in time to Kickstarter County. Based upon the famous Highland Valley route from the early days of Trainz, Kickstarter County has received a huge upgrade with new content, new track, new industries, and new high definition assets.

The description above outlines the main features and content for the Standard Edition. Your can expand your experience by choosing one of the two following upgrade options. You can also enable all online options at any time. Trainz A New Era. Or try our membership options:. The line includes several notable features, including the 1.

Avery - Drexel United States, 's. The Milwaukee Road route runs from the end of the electrification in Avery, across the Bitterroot Mountains via the St Paul Pass, and through to the crew-change point in Alberton. It features Little Joe EF4 electrics and a huge range of seasonal rolling stock. The aptly named Season Town supports season change functionality. Control the weather and see how the route responds to the snow!

The layout provides a short mainline section as well as a 6 mile branch line connecting a limestone mine with a cement plant, as well as a streetcar network consisting of four branches. Built in a large virtual garage in much less time and a fraction of the costs of a traditional model railroad, BiDye highlights how Trainz can be used by model train fans as well as prototypical fans alike. Set up as a short line electric traction railroad serving several inter-dependent industries, the industries served by the railroad include lumber mill, furniture factory, grain mill, commercial bakery, paint and solvent factory, metal can and container factory, and a coal fired electricity plant.

First Class Ticket choose duration when ordering. Trainz Railroad Simulator Products PC - View All. Mac - View All.

trainz portal

Mobile - View All. Trainz News Latest News. Discover all the big events happening in the world of Trainz. Keep up to date with the latest special offers, awesome screenshots and all the Trainz development news. Learn how to get the most out of Trainz with this series of in-depth videos.

Chat with your fellow Trainz enthusiasts and join the ever growing community at our forums. Get tips for how to make your Trainz experience better, join content creators around the globe and gain access to a vast pool of information.

Latest News - View All. Two Updates and a New Release December 19 Today has been a mammoth undertaking and the entire N3V team are very happy to announce all the new ways to enjoy Trainz from today.

New Platinum Edition Features

Read More Massive Membership Update September 04 Announcing Trainz Reward Pointz August 09 Latest Blog Posts - View All. Class - Work In Progress April 03 Our British Rail Class is currently taking shape, and this blog brings you up to date on some of what goes into making a new asset for Trainz. Read Blog Entry Celebrating 19 Years on Planet Auran August 16 Popular Products - View All. View Product Trainz Model Railroad October 28 Trainz Driver Journeys October 09 Trainz Driver 2 August 06 New to TRS19?

Explore hundreds of miles of track in the nine incredibly detailed routes and take charge of a huge variety of steam, diesel and electric powered locomotives.

TRS19 "Platinum Edition" takes you way beyond just driving trains, as you set up a fully operating railroad, managing dozens of trains under AI control, following your every instruction.

Each route utilises all the latest TRS19 content and features and is fully editable by you! For more information on North American Edition click here. Running through the Belarusian Woodlands, with beautiful landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, this single track railway features several large stations and train connections.

Recreating the s period, when steam locomotives were used on the railway, this route covers a total length of 90km. Midwestern Branch is primarily a industrial route based upon freight operations in the "breadbasket" region of the USA. Includes over individual boxcars, reefers, tankers, hoppers, hycubes, gondolas and wagons! Requires Internet Connection - Trainz Railroad Simulator Platinum Edition.

Or try our membership options:. First Class Ticket choose duration when ordering. Trainz A New Era. Trainz Railroad Simulator Search Type keyword and hit enter. Just added to your cart:.

trainz portal

Keep Shopping View Cart Checkout. Just added to your wishlist:. Keep Shopping My Wishlist. Keep Shopping. Signup for the Trainz Newsletter Keep up to date with the latest news and offers from Trainz. Win 8 and Win 10 also supported. Requires an internet connection for online services.Option 1.

You can cancel at any time and your FCT automatically renews so no manual activation required in MyTrainz. Buy through the store and activate your ticket manually through your MyTrainz account. If you're a regular user of the Download Station, then here are some First Class Ticket benefits you should consider:. Once activated, your account will be flagged as a FCT holder. And remember, you can store up multiple FCTs and just activate them when you are ready to download.

They are delivered directly into the MyTrainz Account that is used to purchase this item probably the one you are logged into right now. First Class Ticket choose duration when ordering.

Or try our membership options:. You get priority Download Station access. Only 1 FCT is needed per account, not per Trainz product. Most of all, you get vastly increased download speeds! Trainz Route: Coal Country. Orient Express Trainset. Search Type keyword and hit enter. Just added to your cart:. Keep Shopping View Cart Checkout. Just added to your wishlist:.


Keep Shopping My Wishlist. Keep Shopping. Signup for the Trainz Newsletter Keep up to date with the latest news and offers from Trainz.

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