Sig romeo 1 reliability

SIG Sauer Romeo 1 is as solid as a brick house. Keep a check on Gear-Report. We will be publishing a comprehensive review of the SIG Sauer Romeo 1 at a later date, after we have given it a real run for its money at the Controlled ChaosTeam Defensive Tactics 1. In preparation for the class, we have sighted it in, and wanted to share our initial thoughts and a video talk through of what we observed.

My first impression of this optic while sighting it in is that it seems to be flat out amazing, so far. Check back for the full review later. But, as you can clearly see in the sight in video below, it was consistently tearing out the center at 15 yards. So, overall, I would say that if it holds zero, it will be one of the most accurate red dots I personally own in the long run. Time will tell, and we will update you here at Gear-Report.

After sighting it in, I was tearing out the center at 15 yards from bench rest with ease. The dot and overall sight picture is really easy on the eyes and sized just right.

The sight in tool that comes with it will definitely make it into my range tool pouch. It has a battery compartment slide out tool right there with the precision screwdriver. With that tool, you can easily access the battery compartment on top of the optic. The fact that SIG Sauer includes the multiple mounting options right in the box, and makes the optic naturally fit the slide of the SIG Sauer P X-Five had me ready to try it out on every gun I could get it to fit on.

Kudos to them for thinking of the majority of their users with this inclusion. What can I say other than awesome?

Sig Sauer Romeo 4 Red Dot – Micro Frame, Major Reliability

But, the concern I have will be the same regardless. And, I want to say up front that this is just my personal preference, not a true flaw in the optic.

That said, I am not a fan of the windage and elevation adjustment screws. Of course, they work just fine, and I anticipate that they will hold zero as designed. So, if this is a concern for you, check back to see how they held up in the full review. Naturally, we will give it a full test, including some holster style tactical slide racks, zero retention testing, rain and fog torture tests, and so on.

But, so far, we are very optimistic that this is going to be a top shelf winner. About the author: Toby Groce has been a fan of shooting sports since an early age, and a lifelong student of the gun.

In addition to the firearms industry, Toby holds multiple credentials in the Information Technology and Project Management fields. He provides project management and IT consulting services for fortune 50 companies. Toby is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, camping, and the shooting sports whenever possible.

He volunteers with local organizations and churches, as well as spending time assisting with the Boy Scouts of America. First Name. Check the box for email. Check the box to get email.

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The Attempted Destruction of the SIG P320

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Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. Share Page. Coupons updated daily! Adidas Women's Vl Court 2.By jrnJuly 23, in Sig. Has anyone heard of a release date for this dot? I just purchased a couple of Deltapoints for my X5 Legions, but I am not overly excited about them. I was hoping the new Romeo1 Pro would get released before that. I wish they would have cut the legion slide for the Romeo 3 Max and released both at the same time to make things easy.

Rolex 20 posts. BillR1 10 posts. Stician 7 posts. George16 6 posts. I believe the legion is cut for the new romeo 3 max. Thought all the new Sig dots will work on all the new Sig guns. Sig is listing the length of the Romeo 3 max at 2. The deltapoint is 1. The way the current cut is in the legion, I don't think it will fit without a mounting plate. The other thing is will the original Romeo 1 be phased out once the Romeo 1 pro is released.

That would suck if have an older slide cut for the older Romeo and not be able to purchase the optic any longer.

sig romeo 1 reliability

Sig finally got back and said by the end of next month. All I can say is it can't get released fast enough. One of the two deltapoints that I purchased for my legions just died. It lasted a tad under rounds. It shuts off after 1 shot. When inspecting it, the silver contact under the battery came loose and made it all the way to the rear of the battery compartment.

I am about to just buy 2 Romeo 1 s for now and mod them to use on the legion since I can pick them up for the price of 1 deltapoint….

Max Michel has been hinting at a new gun called the pMax. I bet that gets cut for the romeo 3. You should be able to slide that contact forward under the tape they use to secure it.

Mine recently did the same thing while practicing. I moved the contact forward and used the eraser end of a pencil to push the adhesive tape back into place. Not a permanent fix but will get you by for a bit. Sad this is a common issue given the price point of the DPP. I bought this one from a store with a great return policy. I think at this time I am just going to return it.This is a different kind of gun article. It took weeks to put this together because a cursory review was not the goal: I wanted to unequivocally determine the level of reliability that could be expected from the Sig Sauer P and the Sig Electro-Optics Romeo 1.

This takes time — days, in fact — and lots of ammunition. I wanted to see some results for myself. Articles are most commonly generated when a writer sees a gun and queries an editor.

Almost as frequently, editors assign writers to review and report on a gun of potential interest. In both cases, the gun is often fired only a couple hundred times to get a feel for it. The report then essentially involves one day on a range. This model provides hands-on review to the reader while maintaining some efficiency for the author.

However, the best gun writers learn how to provide more than a basic review, and the best editors — thus, the best gun magazines — provide content that goes much deeper than most. Less common is when a writer fundamentally journals about a specific firearm with which they have extensive experience. In other words, instead of getting a snapshot, you get a comprehensive evaluation.

I convinced Sig Sauer to send me four pistols, and I convinced various manufacturers to send me lots of ammunition. My goal was to see how reliable the Sig Sauer P and Romeo 1 reflex sight were. I did not conduct the usual velocity and accuracy testing: I shot these pistols and had others do the same. We abused these guns and sights — you could say we treated them like a borrowed hammer. We waited for the right conditions, on multiple days, and then did the work.

I shot it, my son shot it and a friend of his who was preparing to enter BUDs training with the Navy shot it. We shot it in hot weather, cold weather, in the rain and in the snow.

It digested a 1,round mixture of all the loads without an issue. Next up was the X-Five. This is a big handgun intended for competition, though I imagine — given its round capacity — it could serve in a tactical environment as well.

It has a 5-inch barrel, is 8. This pistol weighed We repeatedly conducted a drill where we dumped four round magazines, as fast as we could, while trying to keep all shots inside a five-inch circle, at five yards. Our best run was one miss out of 84 in Like with the P FDE Compact, we shot it in the rain and the snow, and out of rounds of a mixed variety of ammo, there were no stoppages.

The RX — Romeo 1 equipped — pistols were included, not as much to test the pistol as to test the suitability and ruggedness of the reflex sight on a defensive handgun. Yes, it got the rain and snow treatment, but we also tossed this pistol in the deep mud and drove over it with a big Jeep.

Rounds fired: Stoppages: 0. Figuring 2, rounds fired through three Ps in harsh conditions provided a reasonable idea how reliable that platform was, the P RX was included to give a second look at the Romeo 1 sight.

SIG Sauer Romeo 1 Review Sight In - 3 MOA Magic At 75 Yards

We dropped it repeatedly, stomped it, threw it as far as we could and even beat it against a railroad tie. The Romeo 1 did not fail. Not only did the aiming point remain illuminated, it held perfect zero.

At the end of the abuse, we fired a nearly one-hole, shot group, at 10 yards from the off-hand position. Total shots fired: I was impressed with all three variants of the P They were reliable, the triggers were clean, I shot them well and they felt good in my hands. I especially liked how easy the P is to disassemble.I asked Sig to send us the Romeo 4 after a question for posed on a closed forum, and no one had any information on the performance or availability of this red dot.

I had the opportunity to use the sight extensively with an M4 platform, and at this point know of several agencies which chose to equip their patrol rifles with it. The expectation that the Sig Sauer reliability should apply here is not unfounded, and the sight proves that it can take a beating in a light, slick package, with some very functional features.

The first impression lays the foundation that the sight is easy, and intuitive to use. It comes with an integrated quick-detach mounting platform, which is secure, and really easy to place on and off the rail. I was surprised how easily it achieved co-witness. The only other tool you need to manipulate the sight comes with it, and chances are once you have it the way you like it, you will not have manipulate it too often. If regular furniture can be described as fang-shui, then the Romeo series of red dots should be also.

Clearance for other optics, magnifiers, and back-up sights, and the ability to manipulate it all under stress and in gloves, is exceptional.

The view finder is a nice and open, easily-acquired window, which enables quick acquisition and consistent placement. It leads to a reticle which can be set to either a dot or a dot and circle. After several repetitions this adjustment becomes instinctive. My personal preference is for the basic dot. The Romeo 4 is parallax free, with unlimited eye relief.

Unlimited eye-relief allows you to acquire the aiming point and the target regardless of the position of your eye behind the sight.

I say, you have an accurate and consistent target acquisition regardless of where your cheek weld and eye end up. The optic proved as effective with close quarter drills, as in a longer range precise target shooting. However the intent in design and function definitely leans toward the CQB dynamic.

While this Romeo4 was powered by a CR battery, others have an option of an integrated solar panel models 4S and 4Twhich appear to be awaiting official retail release.

I would be curious to see how that performs overall, and how the battery kicks in when solar charge is unavailable, such as in consistent night time operations. The battery life on a regular Romeo 4 model is said to last about hours. It stands for Motion Activated Illumination System. Again, a great feature when you go from nothing to call ready. It seems that even after days of not being used, the Romeo 4 will still turn on when picked up.

The sight is very light, made of CNC aluminum. The Romeo 4 is waterproof to approximately 10 meters, which is handy if your frogman buddy ever decides to borrow your rifle and stalk gators. So far I have seen the Romeo 4 stand up to daily abuse of rattling squad cars, lockers, and range time. It would be interesting to see it stand up to edges of MRAPs, deserts and sand.

Building on historic quality of Sig Sauer, with the lower price point than many currently deployed optics, the Romeo 4 presents a solid, simple and very functional option for those who count on their rifle as a recreation, or life. I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback.

I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Products from Amazon. Tags: red dot romeo 4.I'm interested in a Romeo 1 red dot sight. Does anyone know if it shares it's mount platform with any other red dot? Can't be both, so which is it? Or is it totally different? If that helps at all. It appears to have its own proprietary platform.

sig romeo 1 reliability

It is unique in that is it 2mm shorter lengthwise forward of the bolt holes that a DPP or a Venom footprint. If you grind off the little nipples bosses on the mount, the Romeo will probably fit on the DPP mount. But I wouldn't want the screws be the only thing keeping it secure on the mount.

The screws can shear without the bosses. RDS don't necessarily need bosses, especially if the pocket is tight. I'm approaching 2K through my delta point on X-Carry without bosses and haven't had a single issue.

sig romeo 1 reliability

Romeo 1 and DPP are almost identical in footprint and bolt spacing. You could use reg socket heads and reduce size in a lathe or drill press with careful file work. R1 in 6moa is the nicest sight I have. I've been a Leupold guy for a long time but these are the best I've seen fwiw. Where are you guys finding the Romeo1 in 6 MOA? Backordered everywhere I look, not even available on the SIG site I found mine very early when they were released on gunbroker.

It's on my X5, love it. Had it on a Glock 17 MOS with an aftermarket plate. Sold the Glock, kept the Romeo. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

SIG Sauer Romeo 1 Review Sight In

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