Over the back rifle scabbard

Unique Rifle Sling maker. Rifle Sling Leather Makers. Custom Gun Leather Makers. Leather Hunting slings, leather rifle and shot gun slings, scabbards and quivers. Custom leather slings. Henry Repeating Rifle scabbards and rifle slings are custom made one at a time. Both the Henry Repeating Rifle and Rossi can have all leather scabbards and rifle slings. Henry repeating rifle scabbards as well as the Henry Repeating Mares Led Pistol now come with all leather scabbards and quivers.

Rifle Slings are custom made and fully adjustable. If you have other pistols or rifles other than the Henry Repeating Rifle or the Henry Mares Leg Pistil we custom make those scabbards and quivers also. Rifle quivers can also be made for small rifles like the Crickett. Henry Rifle. To the right is a sample of the Custom heirloom leather patch we place in our Mares Leg Scabbards Custom Initial Slings Not padded.

over the back rifle scabbard

Pull the pouch flap and up pops the box Soft and very flexible leather makes wearing this Rifle Quiver a dream. Fully adjustable straps allow the wearer to adjust this rig to the exact position you like. The Loffert Hunting Rifle Sling. The Simoneau Rifle Sling. This Padded Sling can be made for any Rifle or Shotgun Made to fit the Standard Swivel units on your weapon.

If your swivel units are larger than 1" Let us know and we'll fit the sling to your swivels. Send us your knife or order one of ours.Depending on the nature of your trek - creek fording, fence crossing or just moving through the brush and scrub - having both hands free can make all the difference. And, while our rifle slings are great, for some people having one slung over their shoulder means the constant attention of a hand.

The occasional nuisance of "sling management" can sometimes evolve into a hazardous chore. For those situations, our Over the Back Rifle Scabbard can be a real "super hero" accessory.

They provide comfortable utility with excellent firearm retention. The backpack type design allows you to simply "walk out of it" without the need to bring anything over your head.

Full sizing adjustment from adult to youth. RLO Custom Leather produces these expertly handcrafted scabbards. The detail and finish are superb providing a period appropriate compliment of Western Cowboy Leather to your lever action rifle. Scabbards will not accommodate rifles with optics.

A: Yes. You can easily add more if required. We offer your choice of a suede leather split liner or a lanolin free genuine sheep hide fleece liner. Both provide excellent retention and the plush fleece liner is the perfect place for your expensive firearm investment to ride. A: The standard rig is scabbard and strap. You can select the optional Shoulder Pad configuration and our Cartridge Bandoliers also fit great.

A: This is a handmade product and may vary slightly from the images shown, minor blemishes can be expected. As with all of our leather products, hide thickness, shade, stitching and lacing may vary.

Please see pictures for cosmetic differences. A: These are produced only when an order is placed. The unit value shown in the "Reserve" field below is necessary for order generation and is not an indication of product on hand. Generally, a shipping lead time of a week can be expected.

However, this can sometimes be as much as two weeks subject to leather availability and other factors. First, we cannot offer un-branded product.

Our current product branding logo and the RLO maker's mark is positioned at the lower end of the scabbard. The following accessories can be purchased separately. All accessories are beautifully handcrafted and can be made with same hardware finish and leather shade as that chosen for the sling.

Our Centerfire version holds 10 rounds and our Rimfire version holds Each is fully adjustable along the length of the rifle sling. They can also do double-duty and act as a shoulder pad if you like. Click Here for the complete independent product listing. Click to view additional product imagesvideo or watch the feature film.

Select option No Yes Hardware Finish Select option By Brandon Clark. Download Report Here.Not anymore. Now, you can purchase a scabbard to keep your hands free while you explore.

To see how it works, check out our rifle scabbard backpack reviews. A rifle scabbard is a sheath for your rifle. They resemble pistol holsters that people wear on their belt. A rifle scabbard backpack uses the same theory, but it is ideal for hikers since it also has a backpackto carry other items along on your hike.

Best of all, the scabbard will ensure that your gun is tucked safely away, but within easy reach. A backpack rifle holder is ideal for anyone who ventures into the great outdoors.

You can use it when hunting, camping, hiking, kayaking, and more. In every situation where you need a backpack to carry your personal items and would benefit from having your most favorite rifle close by. If not for your own personal use, you can use it to give a gift to someone who loves the great outdoors. A typical scabbard is able to hold a variety of small pistols.

You can also choose a saddle rifle scabbard for those who ride horses. The backpack style is typically designed for larger rifles. To give you a clearer idea of what is available, you should check out the scabbards below. This minimalistic, lightweight, rifle pack allows you to hunt hands-free, but keep your rifle within easy reach.

This turns the scabbard into a large pocket which can also be used see it here. There are compression straps and side webbing. Most reviewers say that it is large enough to hold a 10 mag, but probably not much more than that.

This tactical rifle scabbard is designed to be a shoulder carrying case or it can be modular mounted.Shotgun Scabbards have seen an uptick in popularity as of late. Scabbards themselves have been around for a long time and have been used often to carry a weapon while riding horseback. While scabbards became less common as horses became outdated transportation they never fully disappeared. Recently the uptick in the tactical market has brought them back with a vengeance. Shotguns are often regulated to specialty roles and are rarely a primary weapon these days.

This makes shotgun scabbard holsters the perfect companion to carry them. While the tactical realm has benefited greatly from this advancement so has the civilian world, especially hunters. Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear.

Leather is cool and has a flair to it that polymer and synthetic materials never will. Leather also has a number of downsides and there is a reason its been replaced by more modern materials. Shotgun scabbards these days are made from nylon and cordura materials. These materials are water resistant, tear resistant, and resist outside elements much better than leather. These materials are even more affordable and easier to manufacture. Modern materials also allow for a greater element of customization and modernization.

Modern shotgun scabbards offer shooters the ability to stow extra ammochange size, and even alternate carry methods. This allows direct attachment to a vest or pack without the need for lashing.

Modern scabbards are also designed for modern shotguns. The shotgun as a platform is simple but has evolved significantly over time. With accessories like side saddles, flashlights, and slings you may need a scabbard that accommodates the necessary tactical gear. Also, shotguns, in general, vary greatly in size. They offer advantages to hunters as well. Unlike a sling, they do protect the weapon almost entirely.

over the back rifle scabbard

It less likely to bounce, bang, and bruise the shooter when moving through a thicket. The list of why a shotgun scabbard is great for a hunter just goes on and on. Of course, the scabbard is simple, put the gun in and call it a day right? Well yes, but there is a little more than that with a modern shotgun scabbard. The scabbard itself is worn one of two ways, either across the body or on the vest. Across the back is a more traditional means to carry the gun.

It sits diagonally across the body and the gun can be drawn multiple ways. Mounting it to the rear of the vest allows you to keep it close to the body, and provides simplicity by eliminating the strap.

It also stays in the same place at all times. Scabbards should always be attached or worn low to increase your ability to draw the shotgun. If the shotgun scabbard is mounted too high it will difficult to draw the shotgun.

Inside a building, it may be impossible to draw without taking a knee. Mount the scabbard as low as you can while still being able to reach the gun. With this mind who makes a good shotgun scabbard?

Good question.There are a number of versions of this which could be made, and I'll try to keep that in mind as I go along. I would not recommend them, as the D-rings tend to slip a little every time the contraption is used - but being wide did make them comfortable. I used one wide, elastic-y ladies belt for the waist really chest belt. It worked very well. Hard Drive Magnets or other strong, flat magnets - 2 per blade Scrap denim or other tough material.

Strong sewing thread. A Blade that this is for in my case, 2 machetes. One tight t-shirt for increased stability and comfort Tools: Needle. You want only magnets where the flat face of the magnet is farthest out.

Put the pegs of the magnet in a vice, nice and tight, and hit the magnet gently! The peg should pop out. The legs, on the other hand, must be cut off with a hacksaw. Put one belt over your shoulder and under the opposite arm. Put another around your midsection, based on how long your blade is. Hold your blade where you want it to stick to your back.

Mark the spot on the shoulder-belt, as well as a spot on the midsection-belt. I recommend having the midsection belt higher than seems necessary - not at the bottom of the blade, but in the middle is fine.

This does not affect how will it stays attached, but allows for more body movement. I put a safety pin in the belt to mark about there the magnets should go. It doesn't matter, exactly, as the belts can adjust.


Here is where you must decide what type of system you want - invisible, invisible under one piece of clothing in particular a trenchcoat or leather jacket, etcor worn on top of things.Your rifle never had it so good. Leather rifle scabbards make it easy to attach your rifle to your saddle or around your shoulders and protects your fine rifle from the elements when you are outside riding or hiking.

Order your leather rifle scabbards now. I received my Suede RS-2 rifle scabbard yesterday. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. Nice to know there are still people like you and Donna that still take pride in their work product. It shows! Keep up the great work! I will be waiting to purchase another scabbard in the longer length for my Marlin Cowboy edition.

Leather Rifle Scabbard - Double Shoulder Straps - RLO Custom Leather

We recommend ordering a set of saddle straps to secure the scabbard to your saddle, transportation, or wall display. A generous length is provided in heavy duty gauge tooling leather with rectangular brass or nickel buckles standard or special order oval engraved buckles. It is classed as a firearm — not a shotgun because it has been produced as it looks and never had a shoulder stock.

Do NOT alter this firearm in anyway or you will void the ability to legally use this 12 gauge. Capacity is 5 shells with one more in the chamber. The forend slide release and safety are easily reached with the same hand while not altering your grip. If you are in bear country, back packing, traveling, or using it for home defense- this is the protection you need. We do NOT recommend the use of a scabbard with exposed trigger guard.

Our basic model has top and bottom detachable sling swivels on the left side of the scabbard to carry it over your shoulder. The same attachments allow you to order an alternate drop belt loop and leg tie if needed.

Also other attachments will allow you to wear it bandolier style on your left side for a cross draw with your right hand. We also offer attachments for MALICE clips to the back of the scabbard to secure to the reverse side of your backpack. Adjustable shoulder strap, drop belt loop, bandolier strap, and waist belt all available at an additional cost.

Call and design your own scabbard.

Over the Shoulder Rifle & Shotgun Scabbard

Heavy duty and ready for rough use- get yours now. UPDATE: Personal experience in firing this 12 gauge with normal shells, until you get used to it, suggests that you wear strong leather gloves the first few times you shoot this firearm to insure the hand you grip the gun with does not ride up and strike the safety, resulting in injury to your palm. The majority of our accessories will also fit the new Remington Model Tac- Includes two attachment points for sling swivels sold separately below.

When you are done using the Shock wave with the shotgun sling, you merely take it off and click it on the scabbard to carry the shotgun in it as well. Buy only one strap and use it for both the shotgun and the scabbard…Current full size rifle or shotgun slings will NOT fit the shockwave shotgun with the short hand grip. Military sling. It has thick, heavy duty double claw hooks that fit into double holes the entire length of the strap.

This style was a standard at the turn of the century and up until today with target shooters. One end attaches to the bottom of a removable sling swivel and the other will go though the top. The frog hooks are solid brass.

over the back rifle scabbard

If you need longer you must specify at time of ordering. Ours are made to meet or exceed the U. Specify caliber and width of belt to fit. Add a distinctive stamp. Absolutely the best quality suede scabbard available If others say they have these in stock, check closely.Leather and Cordura saddle scabbards for carbine, bolt action and semi automatic rifles.

Rifle scabbards available for scopes, with or without flaps. PRO leather saddle scabbard custom made by hand. Barrels over 24" in length requires a long rifle scabbard. Order long if the long option is available. Provide total width of windage knobs included the scope.

On elevation knob, measure from top of knob, straight down to bottom of trigger housing. Ensure you provide all relevant information on your rifle. The scabbard will be made to the specifications you provide. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete information and the scabbard does not fit your rifle, you cannot return or exchange it. A custom scabbard will not fit other rifles properly.

Left hand rifle scabbard available only in PRO and Premium models. When ordering specify right or left hand bolt action if left hand action is available. Saddle scabbard can be made to fit rifle with mm scopes.

Provide height of adjustment knob and height of raised scope mounts. I recommend you call us if to insure you receive the correct saddle scabbard for your rifle.

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