Asp net menu bar

In this tutorial, We will implement collapsing responsive navigation bar using ASP. NET menu control and Twitter Bootstrap.

Lets start with the default view of ASP. NET Menu control as follows:. We will update the default UI using bootstrap framework as in above image. To install Bootstrap, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:. To implement a collapsing responsive navbar, wrap your navbar content in a containing div. NET Menu creates its own styles and classes which creates problem in Bootstrap working.

So we remove some styles using jQuery. There is no mouseover event for mobile and onclick of ASP. NET menu causes postback.

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To avoid postback and remove click handler:. May I know how to do the third level? How to remove the default setting for third level style of asp menu?

Thank you. May I know if I have third level of menu, what is the javascript I should write? When I implement this all I get is my menus disappear…any help please? I am using Visual Studio with bootstrap 3. This is exactly what I was looking for. NET and Bootstrap this is done on?In this article, you will learn some solutions to deal with the menus in ASP.

NET Core. You also can find something common that can be used in other frameworks or other programming languages too. Menus are required in most of our systems, such as electronic mails and manager systems. Most of the time, we may store the menus in our databases, so that we can manage them easily. And, this article is based on this scenario. I will use the menu structure of an open source project named AdminLTE to demonstrate my solutions. After looking the structure of the menu, we can design a table to store the infomation of the menus.

Here is the sample table on my PostgreSQL. Now, we need to define some Entities, map the columns of our table, and define some functions to operate. As you can see, we just build a string based on the menu structure.

You also can use ViewBag or ViewData to finish the same job. Before following the solutions, we need to add a function to get the tree menus, mainly for recursion. In this solution, we will return a tree menu entity to the View, and render the View through this entity. ViewComponent is not a new feature in ASP.

NET Corebut we can use this feture to finish many jobs. This solution is similar to the previous solution. Both of them return a Vie but with a minor difference that can be seen easily. The above three solutions may be suitable for most of ASP.

asp net menu bar

This solution is based on DOM manipulation. At last, using append or appentTo to add DOM to element.This demo illustrates the primary features of the ASPxMenu control. Use the items within the rightmost panel to change the values of the menu's properties. The AllowSelectItem property can be used to enable menu item selection on the client side.

The AutoPostBack property controls whether a round trip to the server is required when a menu item is clicked. The EnableHotTrack property allows you to specify whether menu items can visually respond to mouse hovering. The AutoSeparators property specifies the manner in which separators are displayed to separate menu items from one another. In order to display separators among all menu items, this property should be set to All.

If the AutoSeparators property's value is RootOnly, separators are displayed only for root items menu items of the top level. The AppearAfter and DisappearAfter properties allows you to specify the delay in milliseconds for the display of submenus within a menu control.

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ASP.NET Horizontal Menu Control

Net SiteMapDataSource control. This article also describes how we can selected the Menu and the Submenu or child item and change its CSS styles such has font, color, background color, etc. In this article I have explained how to use ASP. HTML Markup. Adding the Sitemap XML and understanding its use. Sitemap is nothing but a map of your site, it is an XML files which has all the Pages and the Child Pages present in the site.

Whenever a new page has to be added to your site, you simply need to add its node in the sitemap XML file and the ASP. Net Menu control will automatically grab and display it. Once the file is added you need to structure it based on the Level 1 Pages and the Child Pages. Note: You can have as many child levels as you want, here I am using 2 Level Menu structure.

Below is the sitemap I am using for this article, it has the following page structure. Styling the ASP. Net Menu Control. You can also make use of an external CSS class file.

The first one is for the CSS Class of the top level or main menu and the second one is for the child or submenu. Setting the Selected Menu at Runtime.

Solutions For Menu In ASP.NET Core

Net Menu control. Here I have written the code to select the Menu so that it appears selected when rendered.

If SiteMap. Title Then.You can control the orientation of the menu by setting its Flow property either to Horizontal or Vertical. The default value of the Flow property is Horizontal. When Flow is set, its value determines the the flow of the root group. If set for a particular item, it will affect the item's children.

In this example, the Flow property is set in the code-behind upon selecting an item in the RadioButtonList on the right. UI for ASP. Toggle sidebar All Controls. Data Management. Data Form. Data Pager. OData DataSource.

asp net menu bar

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asp net menu bar

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how to create a horizontal menu bar using navigation control and css

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NET Core 3.

Responsive Website - ASP .NET & Bootstrap - Part 2 - Navigation Bar, Logo, Dropdown Menu

One of the primary components of web applications is a menu or navigation system that is extremely simple, easy to use, and versatile as opposed to the standard HTML way of building navigational elements.

Wouldn't it be better to add a new menu item through a table in a database and have it automatically appear in your menu? Once you have a menu component in place, you can include this in your general library toolkit, making your applications future-proof.

ParentId will be the foreign key pointing back to the Id. This will address the hierarchical nesting of our menu system. One example for a hierarchical menu would be a "Setup" menu item with a number of other menu items under the parent of "Setup. As you can see, Setup is the parent and has an Id of 1. All of the other menu items point to the Setup record by the ParentId.

This allows us our hierarchical menu. Any depth Now that we have our table structure, we can use Entity Framework to create the loading of our menu. We need to create our code-first models.

asp net menu bar

The loading of these records and sending them over to the View is the easy part. The muscle is in the HtmlHelpers that we'll build. The nice thing about receiving a list of menu items is that now you can repurpose the menu any way you want using Html Helpers.

For the icons, we are using FontAwesome. You can install the package through the Package Manager Console by typing:. Pretty simple. Now the awesome part. Your View passes the menu items in the model over to the HorizontalMenu and returns a finished navigation menu. To use your new menu, use this syntax:. If we don't have a url, I default it to just display a button. We just don't have an anchor tag to wrap around it.

All we do is modify the CSS by removing the list-inline class and keep our list-unstyled class and reuse the CreateMenuItem code from above. The heavy lifting is done by the HtmlHelpers and if you expand on this demo, there is no end to the type of navigation menus you could create. This is just a jump-start to show you how powerful and versatile HtmlHelpers can be when used across your projects.

Is there a menu type that you want to see built? Post your comments below and I'll see if I can build it quick. Jonathan Danylko is a freelance web architect and avid programmer who has been programming for over 20 years. He has developed various systems in numerous industries including e-commerce, biotechnology, real estate, health, insurance, and utility companies.

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